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Domain Registration FAQ

  • Can I register my domain here, but use someone other than NewCreations for web hosting?
  • Will my domain be visible via whois?
  • Will my domain function identically to a domain registered by Network Solutions?
  • Will I receive a separate invoice from Network Solutions?
  • Will I receive an FTP login and password so I can upload my files?
  • Will you point my domain at my Geocities page for free?
  • How can I make modifications to my domain registration?
  • What is the maximum length of a domain name?
  • My new domain's not visible in whois!
  • Does the domain registration fee include DNS service?
  • What is a "Name Server" or DNS Server?
  • How do I know when my domain registration expires?
  • What characters can I use in my domain name?
  • Will the contact information I enter for my domain registration remain confidential?
  • What's Domain Registration?
  • Why can't I type in my domain name and be taken to my website? It's setup on Geocities.

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