UNIX and Windows NT Dedicated Servers just $175/month!

Plesk 7 makes Web-Server management a breeze!

Plesk 7 is the latest installment of the award winning web server software formally known as Plesk Server Administrator (PSA). Plesk 7 is the professional virtual or physical web server management software, specifically designed with the assistance of hundreds of professional hosting service providers to allow quick deployment and simplified management of a Linux based servers.

UNIX Server Features:
  Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz
  24 Hour Watchdog Monitoring
  512 RAM
  60 GB Hard Drive
  New ergonomic XP-like Interface
Plesk 7 sports a completely new look and feel. With interface familiar to hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Plesk 7 is easier to learn, faster to use and manages more features than ever before.
  Plesk Application Vault
A new extendable repository of Site Applications provides service flexibility limited only by imagination. With Application Vault, hosting companies can package, offer, deploy, and configure any application to any domain on the system while Site Owners have an ability to self-provision those applications.
  Daily Backup Via Mirrored HD for an additional $25/m
  Anti-SPAM Support Interface with SpamAssassin
Plesk 7 answers one of today's major hosting challenges - Spam protection - by including "SpamAssassin" Anti-Spam Software in the base installation with a built in configuration interface for SPAM rules server wide or on a per mailbox basis.
  Unlimited POP accounts
  Unlimited Aliases
  Unlimited Autoresponders
  Custom Button and Skin Management
Plesk 7 raises the bar by allowing to easily extend functionality and integrate Plesk with third party software using custom buttons that can added and managed through the redesigned Plesk interface.
  Full Root Access Via Telnet
  FTP Server (ftp.yourcompany.com)
  Anonymous FTP
  Site Builder Tool
Plesk 7 includes a powerful website building tool giving Domain users an ability to create websites from dozens of pre-built templates using intuitive WYSIWYG interface.
  osCommerce E-commerce Software Support
Included in the Application Vault for Plesk 7 is OS-Commerce e-commerce package allowing users to quickly deploy, and manage e-commerce solutions for their customers.
Software installed includes:

  • Apache httpd-2.0.46-25.ent
  • PHP php-4.3.2-8.ent
  • qmail qmail-1.03
  • Courier-imap courier-imap-1.7.3-41psa.rhel3
  • BIND bind-9.2.2-21
  • MySQL mysql-3.23.58-1
  • PostgreSQL 7.2.3-5.73
  • ProFTPd proftpd-1.2.9
  • Front Page frontpage-5.0-41psa.rhel3
  • J2SDK-1.4.1_01
  • Python mod_python-3.0.3-2.ent
  • Tomcat 4-4.1.24
  • Mailman mailman-2.1.1-4
  • SpamAssassin spamassassin-2.61-1
  • Stunnel stunnel-4.04-4
  • Logrotate 3.6.6
  • Horde-2.2.3
  • IMP-3.2.1
  • Webalizer webalizer-2.01_10-15.ent
  • PhpMyAdmin 2.5.1
  • PhpPgAdmin 2.4.2

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No Porn, Spam, Warez, etc. allowed

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