Hey, Webmasters!
Take a close look at the details of our reseller program. We provide the solid infrastructure you need to develop credibility, selling power, and  reliable service. Not to mention substantial reseller discounts. 

Resellers get FREE domain hosting, plus at any time, you can upgrade to Plan 4 - up to 12 sites for $49.95. We even offer a plan which can host UP TO 40 Virtual Domains - NO Extra monthly fees! 

With Plan 6, the Instant IPP Plan, (Instant "Internet Presence Provider") you get a complete virtual server capable of supporting up to 40 virtually hosted domains at no extra monthly cost.

Our Virtual Servers are a great value. You get an unbeatable combination: very aggressive prices and lightning fast, state of the art, industrial strength technology. Here's what you get:

Great Profit Margins
As a Dealer, you have the ability to markup our virtual hosting plans and resell them to your customers as a logical extension to the web design services you already provide. The margins available are attractive. Your first three sites are at the $14.95 rate, which is already substantially below "market" rates. When you order your 4th site, you're automatically upgraded to Plan 4 - up to 12 sites for $49.95. You support and bill your customers at your rates, we remain in the background.

UP TO 40 Virtual Hosts - NO Extra Monthly Fees!!
At any time, you are free to upgrade to the "Instant IPP" plan - a 200 MB Virtual Server with full Telnet access - and most importantly, the ability to configure up to 40 VIRTUAL HOSTS!! You only pay the monthly fee of $135, the initial setup fee for the Instant IPP package, and a $29.50 one time DNS setup for each hosted domain. On a monthly basis, this works out to just $3.38 per domain ($135/40 = $3.38).

Infrastructure = Selling Power
By hosting your sites with NewCreations, you enter at the top. No need to wait until you have X number of customers before economies of scale make high end connectivity cost effective - we've made it cost effective for you NOW. You'd have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and connect a similar network on your own... NewCreations provides you with over 85 times the power and connectivity of a T1 line, with 3 Digital fiberoptic DS3s. (each DS3 = 28 T1 lines) Needless to say, this is a powerful selling tool. Wouldn't you love to offer your customers THREE DS3s? For a more detailed description of your connectivity and server technology with NewCreations, see http://www.newcreations.net/tech.html

A Total Solution
With NewCreations, you can provide web hosting along with web site design services, internet consulting, and other products you offer to provide a total solution for your customer. One stop shopping is typically well rewarded in the online marketplace.

Feature-Rich V-Servers
You get the fastest network and server technology, with a comprehensive set of features, including domain registration, your own cgi-local bin, complete site statistics, autoresponders, midi and RealAudio support, pre-installed guestbook, counter and other cgi scripts, your own POP 3 and SMTP mail servers, (with unlimited yourname@yourdomain.com email address aliases) unlimited FTP updates, and more. Your sites are served with the latest servers, routers, software, and more. We also have the ability to install advanced features for you such as: Netscape SSL secure server support, Real Audio, SSL Secured Shopping Carts, and more.

Quick Setup
Dealers can begin uploading files to new accounts very quickly, usually on the same day the account is ordered. We'll provide you with your ftp login and password ASAP, then as soon as the Internic has completed domain registration, (2-3 days) you'll hit the ground running.

Focus Your Efforts
Working with constantly changing web technology takes resources and time. We free up your time and resources to allow you to focus on what you do best - building websites.

OK, I'm in!  Let's get started!


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