Our Technology
We register your domain, host your site on our industrial-grade servers, then blast your site to the world through Multiple Fiberoptic DS3's.

Because we're connected to the fiber backbones of several major Internet carriers (MCI, Sprint, Verio, SAVVIS, and UUNET) , millions of others are also just a few "hops" away from your site. This can be a significant advantage for you and your business. Fewer "hops" translates into faster access times and less wait for your clientele as they access your on-line services.

100% of our bandwidth is reserved for web server access. There are no dial up users consuming bandwidth resources, as with the typical ISP hosted account.

All servers include high speed 100Mbps Internet connectivity via multiple DS-3/T-3 connections linked directly to the MCI, Sprint, Verio, SAVVIS, and UUNET fiber optic backbones.

Reliability is dramatically increased to nearly 100%, by the three backbone independent connectivity.

Proven Intel Technology:

Intel Processors
Intel Motherboard Chipsets

High Speed I/O and Memory:

Use Ultra SCSI Disk Technology
High Speed Memory: 50ns EDO/ECC Micron RAM

High Speed Networking:

Cisco 5000 Switches: Dedicated, Full Duplex Connection to Each Server.
Cisco 7500 Routers: High Speed Connections to the Internet.

Network Redundancy:

Primary Internet Connections
DS3 via Electric Lightwave Inc's (ELI) Sprint/UUNET/MCI Connections (135Mb/s total)
2 100Mb/s Connections into ELI's Core Routers

ELI to add 9 new DS3's this year

Secondary Internet Connections DS3 to Sprint (on order)
100Mb/s Connection into In Quo's Core
DS3 Connection to GoodNet

Router Redundancy
Dual Power Supplies
Dual Route Processors (Secondary on order)
Spare Line Cards


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